Official Statement from Chief- 6/1/2017

The history of The Yamassee Indian Tribe , people and Nation, has now become a forgotten story. No longer passed down from tribe to tribe of a once Fierce nation, whom not only fought for the freedom & oppression of the Gullah people of Africa.
But risked EXTINCTION for ALL of the South Carolina tribes, and later went on to fight in Florida, and be renamed Seminole ( The unconquered), only to be reclassified as Negro’s and eventually be forgotten all together.

However what still holds true and always will, is our continued tradition of being honorable people, even when others have shown no honor and disrespect traditional ways of all the First Nations!

Thursday June 1st, we attempted to keep to what our core cultural ways are and traditions our grandmothers have taught us through out the centuries which is be honorable, be true, never take what is not yours and replace anything we use from this earth if possible.

It is with sadness that these black words over white background can not show nor can be read what our Tribe and Nation now feels with our recent lost!
While carrying out his duties as Law Enforcement for our Nation in his capacity as “Chief Tribal Marshal” Davis (Standing Bull) (Tali Yanasi) McGurn gave his life for the preservation of our cultural and traditional ways!
(He was also my BROTHER and Closest FRIEND)
Davis McGurn as a Yamassee was also a Honorable discharged Naval veteran serving his country in times of need, as many of our tribe current does as enlisted military personnel.

Putting himself in front of danger day in and day out, and was willing to sacrifice his life for the rest of ours, this has been and always will be the Yamassee Seminole way!

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While this tribe has been wrongfully tied into countless accusations from others wanting to say they are us, let the action of a Warrior show true. That even if it is at home when someone has dishonored our people, we will do what is needed to keep law and order in place as we have done over the centuries.

We Thank the Great men and women of South Carolina Law Enforcement for assisting our tribe in the closing of a very sensitive and serious time for our tribe, and making sure the safety of all was priority #1.

Serving in a honorable capacity was SLED, Allendale, PD & Allendale County Sheriff Department and Deputies under Honorable (Sheriff Tom Carter)

We’d like to also Thank ALL of the News stations that respected our time of mourning and respecting our peoples history!
We like to also thank all of those whom came to our side and especially mine when I needed you most, like Tribes once did, when we needed family!
And a special Thank you to Rocky & Jannie Rouse (Priester) & Daughters for their service!

Head Chief (Bih Micco) S. Hadjo Gentle
The Yamassee Indian Tribe and Nation
(Florida, South Carolina & Georgia)