Memorial ceremony-In Honor of Tribal Marshal Davis McGurn

Memorial Services will be held for Tribal Chief Marshal Davis (Standing Bull) Tali Yanasi McGurn of the Yamassee Nation. Marshal McGurn was born in Chester, PA but lived most of his childhood life in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He was preceded in death by both his parents! Marshal McGurn was of the Panther Clan, and is […]

Tribal Marshal McGurn

Official Statement from Chief- 6/1/2017

The history of The Yamassee Indian Tribe , people and Nation, has now become a forgotten story. No longer passed down from tribe to tribe of a once Fierce nation, whom not only fought for the freedom & oppression of the Gullah people of Africa. But risked EXTINCTION for ALL of the South Carolina tribes, […]

Yamassee Indian Nation-Brief history

The Yamassee Indian Nation-The word Seminole comes from the Spanish term “La Seminoles” which derived from the word ” cimaroon” , the refugees, wild ones or runaways. The first reference to this term was used in 1715 to the Yamassee Nation. Even though some of the Yamassee Indians living in Florida discovered the Spanish in  1539, a […]

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