By any other name

This Video is provided courtesy of Steven Gayle in cooperation with Kennesaw College

A detailed look into forgotten history of Native Americans mislabeled Blacks and one mans journey to find his heritage!

Secrets of Spanish Florida

If you haven’t been paying attention, our tribe has been very busy, that is especially true for our Chief Se’khu Hadjo Gentle appearing in the December released PBS documentary “Secrets of Spanish Florida”. You can read a brief Synopsis below, but can watch a 1 hour 50 minute preview of a 4 hour documentary available […]

Yamassee Indian Nation-Brief history

The Yamassee Indian Nation- The history of The Yamassee Indian Tribe , people and Nation, has now become a forgotten story. No longer passed down from tribe to tribe of a once Fierce nation, whom not only fought for the freedom & oppression of the Gullah people of Africa. But risked EXTINCTION for ALL of the South […]

Aripuca Hadjo