Fighting Fires & Saving Lives

Structural fires, brush, and car accidents are some of the most common reasons for the deployment of Fire Fighters and First Responders here in America.

Often times there is not enough emphasis, put on Fire prevention to lessen the call of aide from local or State Fire Fighters which would in turn minimize the burden of cost put on rural counties & local townships via their volunteer Fire Fighters. The Yamassee Indian tribe realizes that call to action and has initiated the State Certification process for FF1/FF2.

Chief Se’khu of the Yamassee Indian Nation, started the process some months back, starting with the Department of Homeland Security & FEMA registration to the National Incident Command System.

Jamie Myrick , Chief Se’khu & Sparky the Fire Dog at Allendale Fairfax Elementary

The Chief says:

” Being 5 miles away from the closest fire station put us at greater risk  and a longer response time for First Responders to reach us in case of an emergency. I found it necessary to increase our chances of survival in case of a emergency by getting the proper training for us to be able to not only assist in local countywide emergencies and mutual aide , but be properly trained and registered as First Responders to deal with fire suppression, CPR, AED & Hazardous material.”

During this process members of the tribe along with Chief Se’khu will be receiving ongoing continuous State Training and certification in the areas of Fire Fighting, EMT/EMS & Paramedic. During this period of training the Chief and others has been volunteering with the local Fire Departments and even have some of our Yamassee teenagers involved as Junior Fire fighters taking up the cause of helping the community. Currently Chief Se’khu is registered with the State as a Volunteer Fire Fighter.

There will be a ongoing fund raiser to help the tribe acquire a much needed AED (Automated external defibrillator) ,some emergency supplies and eventually a Fire Hydrant on the reservation.

If you’d like to help or donate please contact:

Grandmother Brenda Kitischi Webb at : (803)702-1010 or

via email: