The “Yamassee War of 1715”

Personal perspectives and narratives  tell a unique experience with the we the Yamassee Indian nation. The settlers encountered various of our people the Yamassee over the centuries via our different bands or clans whom had different identities throughout European history all of which still had its roots and can easily be traced back to the name “Yamassee” ie. Gullah / Guale, Hitchiti, Mikisuki, Seminole, Iguaja etc…..

The Yamassee were very hard working Gentle people and attempted and succeeded in sharing their knowledge of life, farming and strategies for battle.

The gentle nature and fierce battle techniques made the Yamassee formidable allies (and) enemies to those they encountered. Untold stories reveal that the war that became known as the “Yamassee War of 1715” left the Carolina’s with history’s most bloodiest war, compared to King Phillips. Unfair trade practices, and Land Encroachments violating a South Carolina Law forced us to war. Well over 400 Carolina citizens died from the initial start of the war and many more lives would be taken by the end of the late 1800’s.

In memoirs sent to Britain it was documented more than 15,000 Yamassee Indians and support from other Indians in the Region stormed the South Carolina region on a war path. The Yamassee War Almost destroyed the European colonization.

The ending result of the Yamassee war of 1715 spawned new tribal designations  and  now commonly known groups like the Seminole…

Research for other tribes like the Tuscarora, Apalachee, Guale, Catawba & Seminole , will reveal the Yamassee apart of all of their historic timelines!

(See Yamassee Map)

Yamassee Indians are the: Altamaha, Pocotaligo, Salkehatchie, Hitchiti (now known as Mikisuki) , Oconee, Cusabo, Guale, Yuchi, Tomatly, Jamassi, Americario, Okeete, Chechesee, Tama & more…

How did the Yamassee seem to Virtually Disappear from History books and be considered extinct?

This was achieved by various authors & their use of the same reference material.

(Note the United States government has never claimed or documented the extinction of the Yamassee)

The South Carolina Slave code was a catalyst that changed the Yamassee identity and also that of many native americans, forcing any that was not identifying themselves as  European into slavery.

Court records prove many natives identities literally change  from “Indian” to  “Negro” “Mulatto” and other , from a simple claim by a white citizen attempting to put a Indian into servitude. What became clear was the calculated use of the word “Negro” on certain Carolina natives, and the use of the word African when there was no doubt to the persons origin. The reader should be reminded that any person of dark skin tone was identified as “negro”  and no exceptions were made.

How did the Slave code affect the Yamassee, more than any other group of Indians . We had the largest group of tribal people and factually were described as “Black” or “Negro” . We  also were considered darker than the “Creeks” a new word coined by Europeans to describe Yamassee bands or clans found on river banks or creeks. (See our description in congressional records below):

There are those of us that still look “Black” and those of us that look “White” but we know our blood to be be proven Yamassee / Seminole / Mikisuki.

 Click link : Congressional described as Negro Indians