2024 Green Corn Ceremony


This years annual Green Corn Ceremony event will be held May 6th – May 12th 2024. The Green Corn Ceremony is only made available once a year and is only available to registered tribal family and clans!

Additionally picnic weekend is open to the public and visitors can stay on the reservation with advance bookings via tribalglamping@gmail.com. Tents are available to rent, and BYOT primitive camping is allowed for $35 per day.

Bring your own lawn chairs and No Pets allowed due to free ranging livestock on the Reservation.

Location is: Yamassee Indian Reservation found on this website and or on google maps here!

For more information

Call 803-702-1010 (General Questions)

or Instagram @Yamasseetribe or email heritage@yamasseenation.org

May 6th


May 11th-12th

Picnic Day

Our Culture is Priority #1