[epsshortcode id=122] When Yamassee Indian children are born they are members of their mothers “Clan” her family unit which is passed down from her mother and her mother. Women are the backbone behind our tribal structure. The child especially a male child stays with the mother until he comes of age. Husbands of  Yamassee women traditionally went to live in the wife’s clan camp. There are  well over 12 clans, whom most are considered extinct the most known clans that still exist are – Panther, Bear, Deer, Wind,  Bird, Snake, Toad, Turtle , Otter & Frog. Clan members are not supposed to marry within their clan it would be like marrying a brother or sister , a close relative.  When the last female in a clan passes on, the clan is considered extinct.  The Panther clan is the largest clan among the  Seminole & Yamassee tribes. Our children identify all elder women as Grandmother and men as Grand father or uncle.

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