The Yamassee Indian Tribe and Nation (Yamassee Nation) are the blood descendants of the Yamassee who fought and then some later migrated to Florida after the Yamassee War of 1715 in South Carolina. Our Chief(s) and family bloodline is that of the original Seminole Chiefs identified as Yamassee in current &  historical Seminole and government documentation. The Yamassee have died and fought for the survival of our tribe, culture and heritage, this has also become the ply the in recent years as those who have discovered the Yamassee historical description and location now commit identity fraud and perpetrate unimaginable crimes in the Yamassee name ! While we the TRUE descendants of our ancestors proven by census records, historical references,  countless articles, government documentation and acknowledgment proves we are here.

Who we are not!

We are not nor affiliated with any “Groups” or fraternities, rogue self proclaimed clans, or “nations” “associations”. We are not connected to any other web groups, virtual tribes or self proclaimed Yamassee officials . We do not sell enrollment, or tribal status. One can only enroll by tracing their roots to a core family member of the Yamassee Indian tribe/ Miccosukee. We have not and do not solicit anyone for enrollment , this is not the native way and selling membership to foreigners for the purpose of establishing a US identity is 100% illegal!


If you have been contacted and promised citizenship by becoming a member or “NATIONAL” please contact the F.B.I. and immigration. if you know or suspect someone that has become the victim of this type of coyote scheme, contact local law enforcement or the local F.B.I. or Homeland security.

If someone contacts you to adopt you into the tribe and want you to pay please be careful, especially if they say they are from the Yamassee tribe. The only enrollment departments are located in Allendale, South Carolina, and Orange Springs Florida!


Our official points of contact:

Altamaha Yamassee (Georgia) No other tribe resides with us there and we have no location or office in central Georgia!

Miccosukee of N. Florida

Yamassee Indian Tribe (SC) / (aka Yamassee Muscogee Nation of Florida)


For more information contact:

Yamassee Indian Tribe

P.O. Box 693

Allendale, SC 29810


Thank you